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Nourishing Hair Oil

Nourishing Hair Oil

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The nourishing hair oil is lightweight and non greasy hair oil is the perfect blend of natural ingredients with delightful fragrance that will make haircare a joyful experience on daily basis. It leaves your child's hair soft, smooth, and manageable.

Key Ingredients

Sunflower oil: helps nourish and condition the hair, promoting shine, softness, and overall hair health.

Olive oil: helps to moisturize and strengthen the hair.

Jojoba seed oil: helps to balance the scalp's natural oils promoting healthy hair growth.

Coconut oil: deeply conditions and moisturizes the hair, promoting shine and reducing frizz.

Almond oil: promotes smoothness, reduces hair breakage, and adds a natural shine.

Castor oil: supports hair growth and helps improve hair thickness.

Amla extract: stimulating hair growth, preventing hair loss, and promoting shiny and voluminous hair.

Brahmi extract: helps nourish the hair follicles and strengthens the hair strands.

Bhringraj extracts: promote hair growth, reduce hair fall, and help prevent premature grayiieying


  • Helps in building a healthy scalp.
  • Provides deep nourishment to the hair.
  • Makes hair stronger and thicker.
  • Brings volume and shine to the hair.
  • Protects the hair from damage.
  • Helps in promoting the growth of hair.
  • Reduces the breakage of the hair.

Directions To Use

  • Start with clean, dry or slightly damp hair and take a small amount of the hair oil in your palms.
  • Gently massage the oil onto your child's scalp using your fingertips.
  • Continue massaging the oil down the length of the hair, from roots to ends. This helps to distribute the oil evenly and provides moisture to the hair strands.
  • Use a wide-toothed comb or your fingers to detangle the hair and wash your child's hair with a gentle shampoo to remove the oil. Rinse thoroughly to ensure no residue remains.


  • For external use only.
  • Always perform a patch test before using the product to ensure that your baby is not allergic to any of the ingredients.
  • Discontinue the use of the product if you notice any adverse reactions such as redness, itching, or rash and consult a paediatrician.
  • Keep the product out of reach of children for accidental digestion.

Storage Instructions

Store the product in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and heat sources.

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